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Reblog: ARC Review of Medium, Sweet, Extra Shot Of Geek, by R. Cooper

Medium, Sweet, Extra Shot of Geek - R. Cooper

Ha, this was just beautiful.

Several things I liked:



One of the 2 MCs was not the normal white MC. Yeah, I know. I love it. 

One did not have a way with words at all.

The other one was a perfect, gushing geek-speaker. Truly sweet.


Both were quite inept at trying to get together, one not finding his courage and the other one not believing it could be.  


All things I truly love.


It misses a last half star (3.5 instead of full 4) for setting up a beautiful love moment and then summarily skipping over it. The kiss, though. 


Yeah, the kiss. That was to die for. 


As were his coffee drinks. 

Sweet and short read. Recommended for crawling up in a comfy place and just indulging in some talk of slash. Of the original version.

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